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Experts from countries of the Asia-Pacific region have adopted new standards to promote sustainable agriculture PDF Печать
20.12.2016 13:55
   Experts and national policy makers from 14 member countries met in Colombo, Sri Lanka to adopt standards for agricultural machinery in the Asia-Pacific region in order to promote sustainable agriculture and food security and sustainable development. Deputy Director of the Volga state machinery testing station Pavel Ishkin represented Russia's interests at this meeting.
ANTAM Training Provided Asian Engineers with Enhanced Knowledge of Machinery Testing Practices PDF Печать
07.11.2016 15:22
   The 2nd Training of Trainers on ANTAM Test Codes was successfully conducted in Nanjing, China on October 18-30, 2016. The training was conducted in collaboration between CSAM and the China Agricultural Machinery Testing Centre- Ministry of Agriculture (CAMTC- MOA). The Jiangsu Machinery Testing Station and the Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute hosted the laboratory practice.
Asia-Pacific countries enhance region-wide safety and quality codes to advance sustainable agriculture PDF Печать
27.05.2016 15:18
   Thirteen countries from the Asia Pacific region have endorsed enhanced safety and quality standards for testing agricultural machinery, at a United Nations forum in Bangkok. On behalf of the National Coordinator of Russia Mr. Vadim Pronin, Deputy Director of the Volga State Machinery Testing Station Mr. Pavel Ishkin represented Russian opinion at a meeting in Bangkok. The improved Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery (ANTAM) Codes will help reduce the huge social and economic costs associated with the use of unsafe and substandard farm machinery, while also improving the environmental sustainability of farming.
French experts are interested in Russian tests PDF Печать
25.08.2015 13:53
   July 28, 2015, Volga Test Station for working visit was visited by representatives of the company Massey Fergusson (France) International Corporation AGCO Machinery. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the Russian test procedures of agricultural machinery and tractors in particular tests. Massey Fergusson company signed a contract with Volga TS for test a new model of tractor «MF» Class 1.4 that can compete with the widely known tractor "MTZ-82."
Participation in the first training of the international training program on test codes ANTAM PDF Печать
20.07.2015 09:25
    June 23-27, 2015 testing center CAMTC (China Agricultural Machinery Testing Centre) in Nanjing (China), Deputy Director of the Volga TS Ishkin Pavel (pictured second from right) took part in the first training on test codes Asia Pacific Network Test Machinery (ANTAM) operating within the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture Mechanization of the Committee on Trade and Investment Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the National Coordinator of the Russian Federation who is director of the Volga TS Vadim Pronin.

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