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ANTAM Training Provided Asian Engineers with Enhanced Knowledge of Machinery Testing Practices PDF Печать
07.11.2016 15:22
   The 2nd Training of Trainers on ANTAM Test Codes was successfully conducted in Nanjing, China on October 18-30, 2016. The training was conducted in collaboration between CSAM and the China Agricultural Machinery Testing Centre- Ministry of Agriculture (CAMTC- MOA). The Jiangsu Machinery Testing Station and the Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute hosted the laboratory practice.      The training involved a total number of 18 participants from 12 Asia Pacific countries- i.e. Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Deputy Director of the Volga state machinery testing station Pavel Ishkin took part as a delegate of the Russia. Selected testing engineers benefited from the experience of four international trainers from China, France and India, contracted by CSAM and CAMTC.
   Mr. Liu Xu, Deputy Director-General of CAMTC attended the opening ceremony. In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Liu highlighted the importance of ANTAM for the agricultural development of Asia Pacific countries and reiterated CAMTC support to ANTAM activities. In her opening remarks, Dr. Weinberger, Officer in Charge a.i. of CSAM, encouraged participants to conduct voluntary tests in home countries’ to contribute to the popularization of safe, efficient and environmentally sound testing practices.
    The training curriculum was designed to provide solid knowledge of testing standards and enabled participating engineers to utilize ANTAM Test Codes in home testing stations. In order to target specific country needs and match participants area of expertise, the training was conducted into two parallel sessions: one group worked on Power Tillers and one group focused on Misters- Cum- Dusters. The first days were dedicated to theoretical explanation and study of testing procedures, including a comparative study of international standard practices and ANTAM Codes specific characteristics. Afterwards, each participant was guided in the practical applications of the Codes. The laboratory practice offered the possibility to perform all the tests recommended by the ANTAM network. Each participant was also guided in data gathering methods necessary for the completion of the ANTAM Test Reports.
    To maximize the benefits of the activity and promote knowledge sharing, two training manuals were designed that can guide engineers in the application of the ANTAM Codes. The manuals and the teaching material used during the classroom training will shortly be available on the ANTAM website (www.antam-network.net).
    Furthermore, in order to provide a complete overview of different testing facilities and expose participating engineers to the use of advanced technology, the group was invited to visit the testing facilities utilized by Changfa Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. a leading machinery manufacturer in China, which provides testing services to private enterprises.
   At the end of the 2nd training, each participant received a certificate of attendance of training on testing techniques on Codes ANTAM.

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