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   The best agricultural machines of Year

   All-Russian contest "The best agricultural machine of 2015" once every two years regularly carried out by the Association of Test Engineers of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies of the Russian Federation (ATEAM)  since 2005. The survey carried out by filling the application form proposed, as well as on the website of the Association of Test by Internet voting at http://www.aist-agro.ru/index.php?option=com_chronoforms&chronoform=Vote-2015
   Traditionally, the competition involved agricultural machinery for crop and fodder production, the machines which form the basis of machine-tractor fleet of any agricultural enterprise producing crop production.
The awards of competition "The  best agricultural machine of 2013", Moscow   The scale of the competition and its organizational structure is best to talk numbers. So to be called "The Best of agricultural machinery of 2013" challenged the 772 units of agricultural machinery, including tractors - 93 units., Tillers - 161 sowing machines - 105 machines Fertilizer and plant care - 107 combine harvesters - 60 , forage equipment - 90 machines for the processing of the crop - 85 Machines and equipment for animal husbandry - 71. In the category "Best New Product of the Year" was presented to 80 units of agricultural machinery. The award to the winners in all categories are "Prizes peasant sympathies," which is traditionally awarded to manufacturers of agricultural machinery on the main stage of the Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn".

Competitive express tests

   Express tests tillage machinesVolga TS organizes and conducts competitive express  tests within the "Field Days" and demonstrative agricultural technology demonstration. The experience of 2007 has shown a high interest of farmers for such kinds of demonstrations, when in the same place and under the same conditions can be seen as itself shows each submitted a sample of agricultural machinery, to compare the technical and economic parameters of their work, resulting in actual use, rather than from advertising prospectuses.

Competition of professional skill WorldSkillsRussia of  "agricultural machinery".

   In 2015, on the territory of Volga TS have been the semi-final of the national championship was held «WorldSkillsRussia» of Volga Federal District for professional skills in the competence of "Agricultural Machines".
The semi-final of the national championship «WorldSkills Russia» Volga Federal District for professional skills in the competence of "Agricultural Machines", 2015   WorldSkills - is an international non-profit movement, which aims to increase the prestige of working professions, and development of vocational education through the harmonization of best practices and professional standards throughout the world by means of organizing and conducting competitions of professional skill, both in each country and throughout the world as a whole.
   In late 2014 the Government of Russia was established a national "Agency for development of communities and workers' Vorldskills Russia." Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the agency to generate a list of 50 priorities for the economy of professions that should be submitted no less than 50% of all college . today WorldSkills movement covers 69 regions of the country, and annually in each of the championships of professional skills.

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