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Volga Agricultural Exhibition

Provincial Exhibition 2002   Volga TS for more than 10 years is the permanent venue of the Volga Region Agricultural Exhibition. It began as a bright regional holiday - "Provincial exhibition of achievements of agriculture", which in 2002 was visited by 3,500 people. In 2008, Volga Agricultural Exhibition received the status of a federal exhibition of achievements of agriculture.
   The popularity of the exhibition has been growing steadily. In 2014, the exhibition was visited by more than 50 thousand people, where were presenting samples of machinery and equipment by 65 companies from 29 regions of the Russian Federation as well as from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan and 18 organizations dealers for the supply of imported equipment from the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Denmark, France, Finland. In 2015, the total presentation area under machinery and equipment, will amount to over 8 thousand sq.meters, where it will be exposed to more than 300 units of agricultural machinery and equipment.
Volga Agricultural Exhibition, 2011   The advantage of the exhibition is the demonstration developed infrastructure of the entire spectrum of sectors of agricultural production and the organization of relevant business programs for its technical and technological development. Forum this year in connection with the entry into force of certain articles of the Federal Law "On agricultural development" will be marked by special attention to the consumer properties and efficiency of agricultural machinery, numerical values ​​of which are crucial in determining the level of state support for their production and acquisition. Cover the range of issues will be experts from the leading test Volga TS.

Participation in competitive commissions Russian and international exhibitions

   High professionalism of assessors recognized by all participants in agricultural exhibitions worldwide.
Vadim Pronin at the meeting of the tender committee of the international exhibition of agricultural machinery TECHAGRO, Czech Republic, 2014   In the main Russian agricultural exhibition "Golden Autumn", the Department of Science and Technology Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has appointed Vadim Pronin chairman of the Competition "for the production of high-performance agricultural machinery and the introduction of advanced resource-saving technologies", the winners of which were awarded on the main stage of the exhibition.
   The organizers of the international exhibition of agricultural machinery at TECHAGRO exhibition center in Brno the Czech Republic, Director of the Volga TS  Vadim Pronin invited as a jury member of the innovation of agricultural machinery.

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