State tests Печать
   All kinds of tests that take place in Russia, governed by national standard GOST R54783-2011 - Testing of agricultural machinery "General Provisions". This document sets forth the type, purpose, and test a sample test program, rules of receiving and preparing the product for testing, and the procedure for registration of the test results.
Volga TS provides the following types of tests:
  • acceptance
  • qualification;
  • types;
  • periodicals;
  • preliminary.
The organization may carry out other kinds of tests by agreement.
  Acceptance tests are doing for prototypes of products for compliance with the technical task (TT) or the draft technical specifications (TS) and normative documentation (ND) for standardization to determine whether putting them on production.
   Qualification tests are doing for mounting the series of product samples or the first commercial batch for compliance with specifications and ND to evaluate the readiness of the company to issue this type of product, as well as the determination of functional characteristics (consumer properties).

  Type tests are doing for improved, modernized samples of products to meet the technical requirements to assess the effectiveness and feasibility of changes to the design or manufacturing process.
   Periodic tests are doing for examples of series production for compliance with specifications and ND to control the stability of product quality and the possibility of continuing its release, as well as the determination of functional characteristics (consumer properties) and the efficiency of agricultural machinery and equipment.
   Preliminary tests are doing for new experimental samples to determine the quality parameters for compliance with TK, and to address the feasibility of bringing the product to the acceptance tests.
   The test is performed in a real operation of products or as possible approached to it within the values specified in the technical documentation of the product.